Morning Pages

So these morning pages things, they seem to be doin’ alright for me.

Three pages a morning, stream-of-consciousness, which I amended to three smaller notebook pages rather than looseleaf—my wrist would prefer it if I didn’t write too long, straight. Typing is less painful, I think because I naturally tighten my grip on my pen or pencil. (Aside: I’m trying to find different ways of pen- and pencil grip, but I’ve been writing this way for so long that it’s hard). For those not in the know, I have a repetitive stress injury on my right wrist. The joke is I got it playing Morrowind, though it was more a combination of things.

Rambling aside, these morning pages. I won’t say what I write, but the general drift is that I end up bitching, whining, moaning and angsting. Which apparently means that I’m doing it right. The idea is to siphon off negativity early in the morning, leaving one more even-headed, more balanced or optimistic or what-have-you later in the day. And honestly, they seem to be working.

I do feel more stable. The changes are small, but I’m noticing them. My moods are less flip-floppy (not that it’s immediately obvious to others), and I feel like doing more art. Which is always a good thing. Although the art in question seems to be watercolour more than writing. Well, who knows. Maybe on some level they inform each other.


~ by ambergor on 22/08/2010.

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