New House

Oh right. I have a blog. Hrm.

We moved this past week, and man, was it ever a lot of work! I never want to move again, except, of course, I will want to at some point. I haven’t had the time or the energy to spend doing anything other than moving, and complaining about moving, and generally grousing around.

This house, though, is lovely. There’s five of us living together; two couples and me. Which may or may not be awkward—I’m hoping for the latter. Four of us have lived together before, and we’re the stable remnants of what was previously a house with a higher turnover rate than your neighborhood Timmy’s. And whereas before we lived in a dump that basically WAS the student ghetto (affectionately and arguably dubbed ‘the Metahouse’), now we live in a fantasy—the previously described Tudor house.

I have the master bedroom, which is spacious and quite comfortable thanks to the loan of a cushy upholstered chair. The toilets are rather horizontal and strange (my boyfriend complains that they were clearly built for women, whatever that means), but I’ve adapted. The house is seriously beautiful. The previous tenants left a whole whack of junk, inexplicably including dirty laundry, condoms, and most frightening of all, an unopened Edward Cullen calendar. *shudder* On the plus side, they left about five 500 ml bottles of verbena hand soap (what?), so we’ll probably never run out.

The house was built in 1967 for Canada’s centennial by an old man and, if I was told right, his little black dog. It’s a little…odd in some ways. Like the door handles being backwards and small, and it’s clearly got a unique layout. It does not feel like a cardboard cutout house. It feels its age, but nicely so. It’s kept up.

The dishwasher (and easily accessible laundry) is my favourite feature. While the Metahouse was infamous for its towering, horrifying stacks of dirty and/or moldy dishes, everything is cleaned regularly and nonfrighteningly here. We fill up the dishwasher all day and then run it, and then the dishes are clean. It’s incredible. I have a notion that I used to live like that at home with my parents, but after two years in the Metahouse, it feels like wondrous magic. I know of other student houses who claim they never use their dishwasher, and I just can’t imagine how not. My only conclusion is they must not eat very well—which, knowing student living, is possibly quite accurate.

The only sad thing about the move is that there are no longer cats, because pets aren’t allowed (not even fish). There is an adorable gimp cat that comes around our yard every day, so maybe the neighbourhood cats will fill up the hole. Also, this neighbourhood is full of beautiful, beautiful dogs (huskies and German shepherds and lush retrievers), so maybe I’ll even get to pet a few…

~ by ambergor on 05/09/2010.

3 Responses to “New House”

  1. Ooooh! Whereabouts is this new place?

    • Near the Root Cellar! Check Facebook for further details. Also, you should come over for tea.

  2. I should! Well, I’ll have some time to… come… December, at this rate. 😛

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